Introducing: Women in Physics

The women in Physics sub-section of the Physics society is a support network for all women studying physics, but it is not only for women, anyone studying physics can benefit from the talks we will be putting on. We aim to educate everyone on the difficulties women face, that the majority of men in the field do not know is happening. We also hope to encourage women to apply for jobs in areas they are interested in but not confident enough to pursue.

During the year we will have several talks from various women who have succeeded in Physics, from the people at SPS Athena Swan, university lecturers, post graduates and alumni throughout the department at UKC as well as organised talks from other women. As well as some SPS employability talks. Each talk will be directed at different aspects of life as a female physicist, from discrimination to privilege, telling us about their research and their success stories. As well as their rolls in the greater science community. After each talk we hope to set up a much more casual atmosphere where you can ask the speaker questions or just make new connections with peers (and future colleagues).

Once a month we will have a “girls night” social where we can go out and just have fun, get to know the other girls on your course and not worry about Physics for the night. Make friends who you can go to for help and advice in coursework or just general life. I know for many women studying physics they tend to have more friends who are men than women, but sometimes we all need girls to talk to.

We will be working with other Women in Physics societies across the country such as the University of Oxford. Hopefully we will also be taking trips to various Physics locations that are focused on women in the industry.

To keep up to date on what is happening in this society sub-section, follow us on twitter at @UKCWiP, or keep an eye on the webpage!

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